Useful information for Polli:Nation schools

This page has been set up for Schools who are taking part in the Polli:Nation project to enable quick access to documents that they may find useful during the course of the project. This page maybe updated as the project progresses and we will notify the 260 schools taking part of these changes.

General information

Timeline for Pollination Schools

A diagram showing what you might expect at different stages of your Polli:Nation project.

Why Your School Grounds Matter

Get Everyone Involved

Monitoring and evaluation

For each quarter of the financial year the project manager will issue a short survey to your facilitators for you to complete with them. Stirling University are also evaluating the impact of the project with selected clusters.

Team Contact Details

Roles and responsibilities and what can you expect from your facilitator

Making a Cluster Successful

Finance FAQ

Health and safety

Terms and conditions

Press and Photo Permissions

Press and media guidance

Photo permission

Photo permission forms to submit any photos that we might use.

press release 1 – Spring 2016 – project launch

This should be sent to your local press after your first meeting with your facilitator.

press release 2– your annual Polli:Nation OPAL survey

This can be used before you carry out your surveys.

press release 3 – celebrating your improvements

Most habitat changes should take place in the autumn and winter term. Work with your facilitator and senior managers to timetable the best time to celebrate what you are doing with in the local press. Take a look at the Ovingham Middle School example.

Optional press release 2 for volunteers – Spring 2016

If you know you are going to recruit community volunteers, please do use this press release instead of the press release 1 above.

Tools to survey your school grounds

Baseline Polli:Nation survey

The OPAL survey designed especially for our Polli:Nation project to see what out school grounds can do for pollinators.

Design survey

A design activity using base maps to support the design of changes to the school grounds

School Grounds Audit Tool

A spreadsheet audit tool to look at the whole of your school grounds beyond  your Polli:Nation project

Skills Audit

A simple audit tool to find out what skills your school and community can offer your Polli:Nation project

Take a tour and feelings activity

Simple activities to look at the social and educational needs of the school during your Polli:Nation project

The Process of Change

The Learning Through Landscapes Planning Process

Learning through Landscapes planning cycle can help you during and beyond your project and should complement your school plans.

Groundnotes: Planning for change

A Learning through Landscapes Membership materials to support your planning.

Funding support

Advise on setting up a fundraising strategy.

Making the changes

Case study: Blackhall Primary Woodland Garden

Case study: Hintlesham and Chattisham

Case study: Lee Manor Primary

Case study: Creating a chalk bank for butterflies in school grounds

Creating Habitat For Pollinators

On this page you will find links to a range of habitat improvement ideas and technical support for making changes for pollinators.  This page should be used after you have completed the surveys of your school grounds.

Quick reference curriculum links

English curriculum links

Northern Ireland Curriculum Pages

Scottish Curriculum pages

Wales Curriculum pages


Welsh, Scottish links to follow shortly

Art with a Message Competition

This year we are running a competition for schools taking part in the Polli:Nation  project. Art with a message will tell everyone how  important pollinators are to us all.  See below for more information.





The Hive

For a quick link to the Hive activity page click here