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Glenlivet Survey August 2016

by Glenlivet Primary School


29 August, 2017

When we did our first survey in August 2016 we did not find very many pollinators.  We are looking forward to planning how we will improve our 3 square metres so that many more pollinators will visit our school.  We also want to plan how we can improve other parts of our school grounds to create a better environment for us and for local wildlife.  We will keep you posted!

Recent Blog Posts

Community Pollinator Promises

St Alban's CE (Aided) Primary School


15 January, 2018

Katie and Laura have secured promises from a local church, including a patch in the Church Grounds. The girls gave a presentation and talked members through a pollinator display. Could you plant up a pot or 1 metre square for pollinators? pollination1@st-albans.hants.sch.uk  

Thrumster Nursery

Thrumster Nursery


11 December, 2017

We hope you like these few photos of what we've been up to since we started the Polli:Nation project in April 2016. In autumn we collect leaves for our compost bin every time we are outside. Marina, the local Countryside Ranger and Polli:Nation fieldworker shows us how bees fly, and why they visit our flowers in the summer. One of our flower beds - right by the door and in a lovely sheltered place. We have great plans!

Transforming a space

Crosshall Junior School Academy Trust


29 November, 2017

Crosshall Junior School started to make changes last year. walkway before changes border before changes   Unused and unnoticed areas have become a new border to attract pollinators and outdoor classroom spaces with walkway to new orchard and wildflower areas. This will allow children and teachers to make use of the areas for lesson and recreation times. The changes might not show much yet, but they are looking forward to seeing how Pollinators will make use of it as well. Outdoor classroom developing work in progress, big changes work in progress work in progress border work in progress Field before orchard planting