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Community Pollinator Promises

by Errol Primary School


15 January, 2018

Katie and Laura have secured promises from a local church, including a patch in the Church Grounds.

The girls gave a presentation and talked members through a pollinator display.

Could you plant up a pot or 1 metre square for pollinators?



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Farewell Polli:Nation art leaves them wanting more!

Errol Primary School


22 July, 2018

The oldest children in school have been enjoying the grounds one last time before they move to secondary in September. On a massive bug and plant hunt they found many species and then tried to draw them in as much detail as possible. They also had fun creating their own picture frames from sticks and string and hung them in the school wood for all to admire. Reception classes used the wood just after and were most impressed.

New Jackson Pollock work discovered in Haxby!

Errol Primary School


12 July, 2018

Reception classes at Headlands have been learning about all sorts of Modern Art artists and have brought a giant Pollock inspired wildflower meadow out for the whole school to admire. It took up the whole side of the Out of School Club shed and the youngest children in school explained to everyone how Pollock dribbled, poured and splattered paint to create his art pieces. We hope you like it.....

Blooming Marvelous!

Errol Primary School


09 July, 2018

Headlands Out of School Club children created the school's entry into the Bloom! Festival in York last weekend. They recycled old toys, yoghurt pots and transplanted grass turf and veg from the school grounds. We had great fun building our entry and placing it in our new ridiculously pink wheelbarrow - which we got to keep for entering - hooray! We also found out that lots of the veg that we used will flower, which many of the children didn't realise, so although our entry was mostly shades of green in a few more weeks we could have a riot of colour on our hands!