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Bee Yourself Day

by Speyside High School


22 November, 2016

Speyside High school’s pollination project held a Bee Yourself Day on Friday 7th October. The group involved in bringing this idea to life worked very hard to achieve the goals set for this day. These were to Raise Awareness of the different pollinators in our local area and to Raise the Money needed to fund our ideas. The day was a great success as many people came with donations and they got in the spirit by dressing up as different pollinators in hope of winning the prize of best dressed. Along with the costume competition there was a variety of stalls including the Treasure Hunt, Meet the Pollinators and a cake stall as well. All in all, the day was a great success as pupils and staff alike got involved across the school. The pollination project here at Speyside High is proud to say that we have raised a grand total of £140 to help us fund our pollinator-friendly ideas.

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