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We've created a great range of resources for you to play, learn and teach your way to becoming a Polli:Nation expert. You can sort by type of activities to find English or Welsh versions.

260 o ysgolion wedi'u dewis i fod yn ysgolion Polli:Nation swyddogol. Ewch i dudalennau eu clwstwr i weld beth maent yn ei wneud.

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Polli:Nation Survey

Age All, English, OPAL, pollinators, species identification, survey, spring, summer

Autumn Activities for the Garden

Age Teacher, All, English, information sheet, lesson activity, autumn

A simple timeline for your garden & resource links to get started

Age Teacher, All, English, how to, information sheet, lesson activity, all

Numeracy worksheet - Garden budget

Age 11-14, 7-11, 5-7, English, lesson activity

ICT worksheet - Research for your garden

Age Teacher, 14-16, 11-14, design activity, English, lesson activity

Creative writing worksheets - Dream schools & Dream gardens

Age Teacher, 11-14, 7-11, 5-7, cymraeg, design activity, English, lesson activity, all

Worksheet - Scale drawings garden design

Age Teacher, 11-14, 7-11, design activity, English, lesson activity, all

Creating your own planting & flowering calendar

Age Teacher, 14-16, 11-14, 7-11, English, flower bed, information sheet, lesson activity, all