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Welcome to Polli:Nation  – A Heritage Lottery funded biodiversity and education project

Thank you to players of the National Lottery for supporting this project.

Polli:Nation needs you!

UK wide we have 260 schools and a growing number of community groups and individuals making changes for Pollinators. Each year they survey their site or garden and learn more about the pollinators and what they need, making sure there is plenty of food and shelter.

On this website you will find:

Activities – search a range of activities and educational links on pollination

Survey – Do the Polli:Nation survey (March- Sept)

Schools – Search the 260 schools to see what they are doing and you could do too.

To find out more about this project please visit our about page.

The project is funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and is being evaluated by Stirling University.

Help expand the Polli:Nation

for new comers to the website please survey your site between now and September.

For those who did the survey last year, it is time to resurvey the sites and see if your improvements have made a difference.

Season one results are also available to view here.